Hallo Migo®!

Wat moet je weten over Migo®?

Migo®. De toffe peer die een lach op je gezicht tovert!.

We hebben jarenlang onderzoek gevoerd. We hebben echte perenliefhebbers gevraagd wat zij willen. En we luisterden zelfs naar de perenhaters. Waarom eten ze geen peren? De reactie was duidelijk: “We willen heel graag een peer eten, maar dan wel een peer die minder knoeit, langer houdbaar is, een langere constante kwaliteit heeft en natuurlijk sappig is!” Tadaa! Zie hier Migo®. De peer die niet morst, langer vers blijft, al haar kwaliteit behoudt en van nature sappig is. Een peer die je overal kunt meenemen en perfect is als tussendoortje wanneer je op stap bent. Kortom: een peer voor onderweg.

# 1

Easy to eat

Sweet, fresh and healthy!
Fancy a tasty snack? Migo® is irresistible! Migo® is a sweet, refreshing pear that is full of vitamins.  This pear is just as easy to eat as an apple.  So give this pear a try, take a bite and enjoy!

# 2

Take Migo® with you

Anytime, anywhere
Migo® loves to travel and is always making new friends. The long shelf-life and lasting quality make it easy to take Migo® with you. You can eat this pear wherever you like: at the gym, on the beach, or on your way to work or school.

# 3

Something to get your teeth into

Beautiful on the outside and delicious on the inside.
Migo® really sates your appetite and it’s impossible to say no to. Savour this ideal snack which is rich in healthy dietary fibre. Migo® will keep you going throughout the day.

# 4

Long-lasting quality

Steady and ready
When you choose Migo®, you choose quality, and that quality lasts. Migo® does everything it can to prolong your enjoyment. Migo® stays fresh for a long time so that you can enjoy a delicious Migo® today, tomorrow and the rest of the week.

# 5

A pear with personality

Attractive shape and colour
Migo® exudes perfection and delicacy. Its form, colour and skin are unique. Migo® is made for each and every hand, with a cheerful green colour and a smooth look. No wonder Migo® is always happy. And Migo goes down a treat: the fresh green peel is just asking to be bitten into.

# 6

Juicy but not messy

No drips!
It’s juicy without being messy. That’s what makes Migo® a clever pear, and that’s why people love Migo®. Stay nice and clean and enjoy Migo® with a smile on your face.